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LemonLye's Lit

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Another tedious writer
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Welcome to mollyringle's novel-revisions-in-progress. Comment to join, either to assist in making my narrator's voice sound authentic, or just to read and enjoy.

I have just set up lemonlyelit for the purpose of fixing up the latest novels I have written, with your (read: anyone's) help as editors and feedback-givers. Here are the details:

How it will work: Friend lemonlyelit. I'll post a few chapters at a time, every few days. First post of a novel will be open to all readers; after that, to assuage my paranoia, they'll be friends-locked, so it will be a "comment if you want in" deal. I'll add pretty much everyone. (Obvious trolls/sockpuppets excepted.)

Anything else I forgot?: Let me know, and I'll answer.

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